About Us


CTS’s approach to revolutionizing the Information Technology (IT) aspect of the educational sector is rather unique. CTS goes door-to-door in approaching schools individually, implements the suitable software solutions and ensures that the users (students, teachers, parents & staff) are using the solution. This is achieved by demonstration sessions to Parents, continual training sessions to Teachers & Staff and Online FAQ for Students. We understand that everyone learns differently so we cater to everyone by making a trainer available every week, at the school, to answer questions, perform training or consult about our solutions.


Creative Technology Solutions (CTS) is an IT Company dedicated to the educational sector, namely K-12 education, in the Middle East. In essence, CTS is a Systems Integrator: Taking several leading solutions and merging them into an integrated and localized solution. This allows school staff, parents and students access to customized resources with a single sign-on.

Our story

Creative Technology Solutions (CTS) was established in 2013 out of the need to provide a unique and compelling IT solution to the education sector in the Middle East. No two schools are alike and their approach to using technology should be tailored to their requirements and aspirations.

Since then, we have helped dozens of schools implement solutions from a simple Learning Management System to be used for formative assessment, all the way to a complete Flipped Classroom with 1-to-1 learning using an Intel Education tablet with each student.

We firmly believe our children need to learn using different tools from those our teachers used with our generation and using technology to engage them will have a profound impact on their academic results. At CTS, we aim to play a small part in transforming the education sector in our region to reflect that premise.