GIS 2022

The COVID outbreak has changed lots of the educational conventional norms and acted as a catalyst to a foreseen change. Technology has become an integral part of the Education system; one that ensures its continuity and enhances personalized learning.

  1. Technology Fee

For this academic year 2022-2023 , GIS will be offering a Windows 11 Pro license for FREE for all students who pay the Technology Fee , the Windows 11 Pro license costs AED 400 but the school will shoulder this upgrade for you free of charge if you pay the Technology Fee.


  • Protect the planet campaign: If you have old laptops, Ipads or iPhones at home, we can evaluate and take them and give the value of the old device in discount should you decide to buy the new one from the school. This campaign is accessible till February 2023.

Finally, please ensure that you have paid the Tech Fee and note that any device which is not formatted according to the school regulations and/or does not meet its specs requirements will not be allowed in the classroom and will not be connected to the school network.


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