GIS 2021

1. For parents wishing to buy the device from CTS, please select only "GIS Refurbished Laptop + Software + Golden Warranty 2021" or  "GIS ACER Laptop + Software + Golden Warranty 2021below since it includes both Software and Laptop

2.For parents who purchased the laptop from the school last year or wish to use their own device, please select "GIS Software + Golden warranty Annual Renewal / BYOD 2021" Please note the laptop will not be able to connect to school network unless all software are installed and activated

3. The advantages of buying from CTS are:

They have a representative at our school to fix any problem on the spot

* If the device cannot be fixed in one hour, CTS will provide a replacement device for free until your device is repaired. This will ensure that the student will immediately return to the classroom with a working device 

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